Bach: Selection of 2 part Inventions - clarinet duet

Bach: Selection of 2 part Inventions - clarinet duet

J S Bach wrote his “Inventions and Sinfonias” as musical exercises for his pupils.They are a collection 30 short keyboard pieces, 15 in two part writing and 15 in three part.They are more commonly known as the two part and three part inventions. The two groups of pieces are both arranged in order of ascending key, each group covering eight major and seven minor keys.


The inventions lend themselves to duet transcriptions and I have done so for a number of them using a clarinet duo of 2 standard clarinets.(i have also provided an alternative bass clarinet part for the clarinet 2).


I have taken some liberties with the notes in the 2nd clarinet part to avoid any "clash" with the upper two parts. I have also transposed the clarinet parts so they are playing in the same keys as the original keyboard i.e. No 1 which is in Concert C has been transposed into Bb, so the clarinets are playing in C.


They are all excellent exercises in playing scales in their varying keys.Individual inventions are available. See related scores for details:some will be free from time to time.

Numbers included 1,3,4,5,6,11 & 15.