Bizet: Jeux D'Enfants (Children's Games) V. Galop (Le bal) - symphonic wind

Bizet: Jeux D'Enfants (Children's Games) V. Galop (Le bal) - symphonic wind

Jeux d'enfants ("Children's Games") Op. 22, is a suite of twelve miniatures composed by Georges Bizet for piano four hands in 1871

 The entire piece has a duration of about 20 to 23 minutes. 

The movement titles are as follows:

  • L'escarpolette – reverie (The swing)
  • La toupie – impromptu (The spinning top)
  • La poupée – berceuse (The doll)
  • Les chevaux de bois – scherzo (Wooden horses)
  • Le volant – fantasie (Battledore and shuttlecock)
  • Trompette et tambour – marche (Trumpet and drum)
  • Les bulles de savon – rondino (Soap bubbles)
  • Les quatre coins – esquisse (Puss in the corner)
  • Colin-maillard – nocturne (Blind man's buff)
  • Saute-mouton – caprice (Leap-frog)
  • Petit mari, petite femme – duo (Little husband, little wife)
  • Le bal – galop (The ball)
  • Bizet orchestrated five of these;  Nos. 6, 3, 2, 11, 12 became his Petite Suite; it is probable he also orchestrated No. 4,

    This is my arrangement of no 12 (no 5 in the petite suite 

    )Arranged double wind quintet and bass,

    Flute 2 plays piccolo throughout.

    Clarinet parts are for A clarinets.

    Great fun - ideal as an encore to your gig.