Thompson: Blow the Wind Southerly (Idyll) - wind quintet

Thompson: Blow the Wind Southerly (Idyll) - wind quintet

An original composition for wind quintet based on 2 Northumbrian (U.K.) traditional tunes: "Blow the Wind Southerly", and "When the boat comes in"

The melody moves around all the individual instruments, rather than only the flute.

I have tried to write this in the "English Pastoral Style" as composed by George Butterworth and Ralph Vaughan Williams.


"Blow the Wind Southerly" tells the tale of a woman desperately hoping for a southerly wind to blow her lover back home over the ocean to her. Kathleen Ferrier recorded what is perhaps the best-known version of the song in London in 1949.


"When the boat comes in" was popularised as the theme tune to the 1970s BBC drama serial "When The Boat Comes In "


That theme tune was arranged by the composer David Fanshawe.The series was set in North East England during the 20s/30s. It is also known as "Dance to your Daddy"

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