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Igor Stravinsky composed the neo-classical ballet "Pulcinella" which premiered in 1920.

At the time the original music was attributed to Giovanni Pergolesi, but it has since been found that it was composed by other composers. (Mainly by Gallo)

The Pulcinella Suite, for small chamber orchestra, is derived from the ballet, and was composed in 1922.


It is in 8 movements and has no vocal parts.

I have arranged all of it for symphonic wind dectet/bass.

Three movements are available here.

The 1st movement Sinfonia (Overture) is actually based on the 1st movement of Gallo's 1st Trio Sonata.


Other movements here are:

  • 5th mvt: Toccata

  • 8th mvt: Minuetto and Finale


This music is still under copyright, so these arrangements are available for FREE,  for study purposes, as an example of my orchestration.

However, If you want to make a contribution for my work on these arrangements, you can do so here

If you do so, you still need to add the score to the shopping basket by following the link here or below.


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