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Music for standard wind quintet:

Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Horn and Bassoon.

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Ihave been arranging music for wind quintet for some years.

have arranged a mixture of classical, romantic and modern composers.

Neither Mozart nor Beethoven wrote a quintet with the instrumentation that we have today. Their music was written in general for sextet or octet.

It was Anton Reicha's twenty-four quintets, begun in 1811, and the nine quintets of Franz Danzi that established the genre, and their pieces are still standards of the repertoire.

My quintet arrangements do not simply transcribe the music giving the top voicing/melody to the flute etc, which many people seem to do. I attempt to move the melody amongst all the players dovetailing it where needed.

My classical arrangements:

My arrangements of classical composers such as MozartBeethoven etc. may differ from other people's wind quintet arrangements.

I am a horn player and made the decision to write the horn parts,as far as possible, as Mozart or Beethoven would have written them.(in their sextets/octets etc)

So, the horn parts are written in the key of the piece Eb,G,D,C or whatever, and as far as possible I limit the notes to that of the natural horn (i.e. no valves).

In my opinion this gives a more authentic sound to the music.

Of course, sometimes, if the music needs a particular tenor part/melody or harmony, I will write it for horn. BUT AS FAR AS POSSIBLE, I write for natural horn.

I also provide F horn parts for those players who can't/won't transpose.

I have also noticed that arrangements by other people have the horn player playing fast moving passages in the lower octave.This is difficult to play,doesn't sound very good and doesn't carry!! Far better to give that melody to a low clarinet or the bassoon, or move the melody up an octave.