Mozart: String Quartet No.17 (The Hunt) K.458 Mvt.I - horn quartet

Mozart: String Quartet No.17 (The Hunt) K.458 Mvt.I - horn quartet

String Quartet No. 17 in B-flat major, K. 458, nicknamed "The Hunt", is the fourth of the Quartets dedicated to Haydn. It was completed in 1784.

It is in four movements: 1 Allegro vivace assai 2 Menuetto and Trio. Moderato 3 Adagio, in E-flat major 4 Allegro assai.


My arrangement is of only the 1st movement.

Neither Mozart nor Artaria called this piece "The Hunt."


"For Mozart’s contemporaries, the first movement of K.458 evidently evoked the ’chasse’ topic, the main components of which were a 6/8 time signature (sometimes featuring a strong upbeat) and triadic melodies based largely around tonic and dominant chords (doubtless stemming from the physical limitations of the actual hunting horns to notes of the harmonic series).


I have arranged the 1st movement for a horn quartet, as well as transposing it into Eb. This suits the range of the horn. It would be impossible to transcribe for natural horn so I have left the parts for horn in F, with a key signature.


Quite a long blow: I have transcribed all the repeats but it practise they could/should be omitted.

Hn 4 in bass clef (new notation) throughout. Now added treble clef .

Hns 1/3 requirea good technique to cope with runs!

I suggest a steady Allegro, rather than a Vivace!.

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