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Music for standard wind quartet:

flute, oboe, clarinet and bassoon.

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Wind Quartet Music available here.

Wind quartet: In addition to the scores available on this site, I have several arrangements on my sheet musicplus and  score exchange pages.

Arranged for standard wind quartet of flute, oboe, clarinet and bassoon.


Mvt 2 Allegretto from Symphony no 7 .

(A reduced version of the movement, including all the themes and the opening and ending.)

Also available for string quartet


I have arranged many of his string quartets. They are all retained in the original key.

I have taken some liberties where the original parts fall outwith the compass of the wind instruments.

Violin 1 has been shared mainly between flute and oboe, and to a lesser degree to clarinet.

I have not simply given the violin 1 part to the  flute, which you may find in other arrangements elsewhere.

I have adapted the music for wind instrumentation, rather than simply copying the parts over.( e.g By Changing the octave or arrangements of notes in a chord, but more often , by giving the violin 1 part to oboe, or clarinet!)

I have NOT given the complete parts as vln 1 to flute, vin 2 to oboe etc. 

I have included the original repeats, but it is a quite a long blow for a wind player, without the repeats. 
Try the repeats at your own risk!!!

​My arrangements are as follows:


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