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Music written or arranged for natural horn

The Natural Horn 

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(For arrangements or compositions for standard valved horn see my page "Horn Music")

Before the invention of the valve, horns could only play the notes of the harmonic series and composers would write the horn parts in the key of the piece.

e.g a piece in C would require Horns in C, a piece in Eb would require horns in Eb etc etc.
​We now call that type of horn the natural horn.

There are some horn quartets written, mainly by French composers,for natural horns.(Dauprat, Javault and du Puy)
To get the required harmony, and modulation, they used horns in different keys:
Hn 1 was often in G, Hn 4 could be in C basso and Hns 2/3 in F ,E or any other key! 

Dauprat: Six Quartets : I have transcribed the original parts, and also done parts for horn in F.

Classical horn parts as written by Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven and many more would be written for natural horn.

I am a horn player and made the decision, in my arrangements of classical pieces, to write my horn parts,as far as possible, as Mozart or Beethoven would have written them.

So, the horn parts are written in the key of the piece Eb, G, D, C or whatever, and as far as possible I limit the notes to that of the natural horn (i.e. no valves).

In my opinion this gives a more authentic sound to the music.

Of course, sometimes, if the music needs a particular tenor part/melody or harmony, I will write it for horn. BUT AS FAR AS POSSIBLE, I write natural horn parts for  my classical music arrangements.

I also provide F horn parts for those players who can't/won't transpose.

If you are a natural horn player, please check the part before you purchase.

The following is a list of some of my arrangements of works by Beethoven and Mozart, and one of my own composition, all written with natural horn parts:

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Duets ( Duo of 2 players)

W A Mozart

  •  4  Duets from 12 Duets  K487 (Hns in Eb) ( I have added horn in F parts. The bass clef in Horn 2 is new notation i.e. the correct pitch.I have chosen 4 of the easier duos for this selection.)

  • All 12 duets

Wind Quintet (5 players: flute, oboe, clarinet, horn and bassoon)

My own:

  • Divertimento No.1 in Eb (Hn in Eb and Bb basso) (4 mvts, based on songs from the Tyneside Area (N/E) of England U.K. The movements are: 1. Blaydon Races, 2. Waters of Tyne, 3. The Keel Row,4. Rondo: Keep your Feet Still, Geordie Hinny.

L van Beethoven
Check out all of my  Beethoven arrangements here
Piano Sonatas:

  • No. 4 in Eb.Op.7 Mvt. I. Allegro arr.wind quintet

  • No.6 in F Op10 No.2 III.Presto arr.wind quintet. (Complete) An abridged easier version is also available.

  • No 8 in C min. Op.13 (Sonata Pathétique) II. Adagio cantabile arranged wind quintet

  • No 8 in C min. Op.13 (Sonata Pathétique) III.Rondo arranged wind quintet

  • No.12 in Ab Op.26 I.Andante con Variazoni arr.wind quintet (theme and variations) Also available as theme only.

  • No.12 in Ab Op.26 II.Scherzo and Trio arr. wind quintet

Other works:

​W A Mozart
Piano Sonatas

  • No.7 in C (K309) Mvt 1 Allegro arranged wind quintet

  • No.11 in A (K331) Mvt 3 Allegretto (Rondo alla Turca) arranged  wind quintet

  • No.12 in F (K332) Mvt 1 Allegro arranged wind quintet

  • No.16 in Bb (K570) Mvt 2 Adagio arranged wind quintet

  • No.19 in F (K547a) Mvt 2 Allegretto (Rondo) 

Vocal works

  • 4 Popular Operatic Arias (mostly natural horn)

  • Motet "Exultate,Jubilate" III.Alleluja arr. wind quintet (featuring flute)

  • Voi,che sapete: aria from Le nozze di Figaro (The Marriage of Figaro) arr wind quintet

  • Non Più Andrai (Aria, in a Military Style) from The Marriage of Figaro arr. wind quintet

  • Der Holle Rache ( Queen of the Night 2nd Aria ) from The Magic Flute: Aria No.14.arr. wind quintet featuring clarinet

Other works

Octet: (8 players: usually 2 ob, 2 cl, 2 hn, 2 bsn)

W A Mozart

Dectet: (10 players: a double wind quintet 2 fl, 2 ob, 2 cl, 2 hn, 2 bsn)
W A Mozart

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