Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker Suite Mvt.III Valse des fleurs - clarinet choir

The final movement of the Nutcracker Suite arranged for clarinet ensemble.

The original orchestral piece and is quite long, and if transcribed fully would be bit of an endurance test for the wind player.

So I have made the decision to arrange this piece as an abridged version, which still maintains the feel of the piece. I have removed some of the reprises of the main theme, and also removed the opening harp arpeggio.

All the original melodies are still there.

I have in certain sections omitted the relentless "oom pah pah" of the waltz., which can sound quite heavy on wind instruments.

I have attempted to give all the players places to breath, and have not transcribed "tutti" all the way through.

The contra alto and contra bass are optional parts.


(Also available for wind quintet and wind decet/dectet)

  • score and parts pdf

  • score and parts pdf

    Clarinet Ensemble, Clarinet Choir, Eb clarinet, alto clarinet, bass clarinet, contra alto clarinet, contra bass clarinet, double clarinet quintet.


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